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Congratulations on your engagement!

Now let Wedding & Honeymoon Experts take the stress out of your wedding planning with a beautiful destination wedding.

Why Choose a Destination Wedding

An at home wedding can be cost prohibitive for many young couples.  Hosting a destination wedding can cost considerably less and sometimes you can get a basic wedding package included with your stay.  Destination Weddings are also a great option for a second marriage and bringing families together.

A destination wedding allows couples to:

  • Enjoy an extended period of time with your guests.
  • Choose a beautiful, unique destination wedding venue– beaches, gardens, gazebos, chapels, your choice.
  • Most of our all-inclusive resorts include a semi-private dinner reception for a small wedding.  You can pay a fee for additional guests or if you choose, pay to host a private reception with cocktails, dinner, music, dancing, cigar rollers, fire dancers or more!
  • Prefer to honeymoon alone?  No problem, leave your guests to finish enjoying their vacation while you depart for another romantic resort or even another destination.
Certified Destination Wedding Specialists

Planning a destination wedding on your own can be frustrating and stressful. Our staff will eliminate your stress and assist you in working with your selected resort’s on-site staff.

We will:

  • Help you select the perfect location for your destination wedding or assist you in securing the location of your choice. We’ve visited many of the resorts and destination ourselves and have first-hand knowledge of the properties and wedding packages.
  • No fees for our services.
  • We’ll assist you in working with the on-site staff at your selected resort, assist you with any legal paperwork and take care of the travel needs for you and your guests while maximizing credits you can earn from your resort/tour operator..

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South Asian Wedding Packages;
Shaadi Wedding Packages now available at Secrets Maroma Beach and Dreams Tulum.

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